Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Tunage #59

Hey all hope your weekends were as productive and eventful as mine or just relaxed and easy, any way is all good.

Teen Daze - Feel
Leading up to his  London live gig on Tuesday I have going through his back catalogue and re-falling in love again, plus getting new gems like this makes me go cray cray.

Thrupence - Silk
Pure bliss is exactly what this track is.

Wa Chacha (Tessela Version)
This is fantastic got hints of The Very Best but riding a different wave, if that makes sense...

Bee Gees - Giving Up The Ghost (Space Duke & Rayko Edit)
These guys made the Bee Gees cool again.

Du Tonc - Every Song
Ever since Darkness came out I have followed Matt Van Schie and Mighty Mouse Du Tonc religiously and one day I will see them live, they blessed us with this new track that has all the trimmings of a fantabulous track to groove to.


Sleeve Notes: HNNY
HNNY got on my radar with the remix of Flight Facilities Two Bodies and now he has cemented my attention with this mix tape he put togther, the whopper? ITS A GILMORE GIRLS LOVE LETTER, basically a soundtrack to the show but in a cool way. Don't believe me? POP IT ON!!!